On Trend For Tweens & Teens This Spring...

Posted on May 03 2018

On Trend For Tweens & Teens This Spring...

Well, let’s just say it’s a busy time of year! The school year is almost over and Summer is about to ramp up in full speed. After a long winter, I think we are all ready for those warm, sunny days! Before we hit the beaches running hard, I wanted to give you a little insight of the top trends this season we’ve seen in tween clothing.


Yes, they are everywhere! I’ve seen them vertical, horizontal and absolutely any way imaginable. They have been black, white or extremely colorful leaving our tweens so many fun ways to mix and match their outfits. What a way to be confident and express themselves through style! Our next trend has been a huge hit this year for tween girls…


They are literally the best! Girls have been pairing them with graphic tees, off the shoulder tops and pretty much everything. Tweens can dress these denim skirts up or down. They can’t go wrong either way!


Surprisingly, metallics are on trend for SPRING! You usually see them more around holidays, but not in 2018! We’ve seen them in tween fashion more than ever this season and it’s just the beginning!







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