In the course of this article we will talk to you about a topic on the many gamers and video game fans always wonder about, that is, whether you can earn money playing video games and, above all, how to do it.

You have to know, in fact, that the video game industry now, is increasingly growing and thanks also to the advent of the online modes of the various games, a very interesting circuit has been created and with several protagonists who have managed to carve out their own space and even a real profession. We are talking, for example, about professional gamers and best casino bonus India, but also about content creators. In short, what until a few years ago seemed absolutely impossible has now become real, which is to work playing video games.


Creating videos on streaming services

The first system, which is then also the one that has been depopulating in recent years, is to be a Youtuber or at any rate a creator of content on video games to be broadcast, then, either live or as traditional videos on the various platforms. In fact, over the past few years YouTube's dominance as a video streaming platform has been eroded by the advent of other competitors. The most important among them is certainly Twitch, where, not surprisingly, we find all the most important creators in the industry. When we talk about content we also mean doing live streams while playing games that last several hours.

The most important creators in the industry manage to entertain thousands of people all over the world and benefit financially from the revenue that videos generate on the platforms, from user donations, and from the promotion of particular items or activities during the videos. Of course, not everyone can become a creator because, in addition to technological tools, there is a need both to know how to play games and to have a special gift in being able to speak in public and entertain video viewers for hours.

Testing games

Another typical activity for earning money from playing video games is to sign up for the services specially created by the big companies that produce the games and then have them send you previews of new games to try them out. Your job in this case is to test all the features of the game and then give feedback by also pointing out if and where there are bugs, grammatical errors and anything else that can ruin the popularity of the game in question.

Beware of one detail in particular, when you receive a new game to test you will not be able to give public reviews or disseminate information about this video game. In fact, before you start the partnership, you sign a contract, a kind of NDA, or non-disclosure agreement. And in case you break that agreement you will end up incurring very serious problems and also having to pay very high damages.

Writing reviews

Among the various methods of earning money from playing video games, then, we find that of writing reviews on forums or in industry journals. Your task in this case will simply be to take the game, which will usually be given to you as a gift or at least you will not have to buy it, play it and make a review.

Of course in this case, in addition to a passion for video games there is also a need to be able to write correctly in Italian. As for earning money, we can say little because prices change according to so many variations, including for example the length of the game but also that of the article, the site on which you write, the experience accumulated over time and much more. This, however, is definitely a great method for those who do not want to appear in public or do not do very well with the joystick despite a great love for video games.

Participating in Esports tournaments

Another very important method of earning money from video games is to participate in video game tournaments with cash prizes. You can start with those you find near your home or online, where a small entry fee is required, and then prove your worth and go higher and higher. In fact, know that there are top-level and international tournaments where there is a very high prize pool. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, in fact, the video game circuit, once you get to a certain area, provides for sky-high prize pools and an incredible turnover of money. There are also teams that pay their gamers with a contract, just as happens for example in soccer, basketball and other traditional sports.

Selling items and accounts

The last system we want to tell you about, however, concerns selling items within the game. Let's take an example with one of the most important soccer games in the world, namely Fifa. In this video games there is an online competition, called Ultimate Team in which as you play you receive credits that are used to buy the best players or stadiums, jerseys and everything you need to customize a team.

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And many Fifa players, once they have accumulated hundreds of thousands of credits, decide to sell them through sites created specifically for this. Of course, this is not always regular, so check before you sell.


Here we have come to the end of our article on how to earn money playing video games. Throughout these paragraphs we have told you about all the main systems that exist, so far, to play video games and also manage to earn some extra money in the process. Before we conclude our discussion, however, there are two things we need to add. The first is that these are obviously not the only systems you will find, but certainly the most popular ones at the moment. The second point, however, is that this industry is constantly evolving; therefore, in some time new possibilities may arise that were unthinkable until yesterday.